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Uzès and Uzège... like an air of Tuscany

The Gard has a large history which started at the beginning of our civilisation. The Roman aqueduct, giant and powerful piece of art part of the UNESCO world heritage centre, where underneath its majestic arches runs the Gardon River.

The Gard is involved in the Septimanie country, Roman province, crossed by the Via Dominitia which from Rome gave the supremacy to Roman legions and allows them to conquer Spain.
This historical route lays down Oppidium, fortified towns, luxurious villas (Loupian) and pieces of art which witness the superiority of the Roman population. In Nîmes which was and still is the regional capital, the amazing amphitheatres and the Square house, former property of the Consul Caius Cesar, demonstrate the sumptuousness of the region. The Gard involves also the powerful Cévennes Chain Mountains and its Regional Natural Forest and many fortified villages like Lussan, Cornillon, Goudargues.

From a thousand year history, Uzès has kept the charm of a medieval country. The Fenestrelle Tower, the Saint Etienne Basilica and the Place aux Herbes (main square) create a sweet and unique atmosphere. Uzès gave its name to the surrounding country side-Uzège- which lays down smooth hills, charming and peaceful villages with their bucolic spirit; they are usual build around castles, like Saint Maximin, Saint Quentin or Montaren and communicate their tranquillity.
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Estate agency Catherine Labruyère
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